About me

Hi I’m Ian Kerins

The founder of – 

The Happy Geek

My Story

I was in corporate IT for 20 years and 16 of those with a great company, where I spent my time working with large, corporate companies where I built, tested and installed software solutions that enabled their business to perform better. I’ve worked with industry experts and used combined everyone’s experience to ensure our clients were delivered real business value.

I left the corporate world because I was working away from home a lot and was missing seeing my kids grow up and wanted to be part of their childhood and to create memories with them and not be the one who was working away from home.

I wanted to pursue my entrepreneurial dream as both Kirsty and have spoken about it for a long time, and it was never a good time to jump and do it. It was always a dream to be an entrepreneur because as a child, I was always intrigued by business, making deals, creating a life by my design and helping people grow their businesses.

We now work longer hours, but it doesn’t seem like work when you love your what you do. We can work from anywhere, and you will generally find us working in coffee shops. We love going for bike rides and long walks at weekends.

I work with highly skilled professionals  and can bring very experienced developers to support my clients and help them create the business they always wanted.

I provide customised online systems for entrepreneurs and small business owners to improve their productivity, give them more time to do the jobs they love!

I ensure the systems have an instant connection with each other.

The Happy Geek Online Solution Agency
The Happy Geek Online Systems


Getting straight to the root of your tech problems, reducing your workload, allowing You to do the jobs you LOVE & giving You back HOURS every week.


My superpower is knowing which systems You need and how they work together.  Then I’ll give You a SIMPLE SOLUTION for Your business.


I believe connecting systems is like dating!

I ensure Your systems have an instant connection with each other and stay together for a long time!

What our Clients say about us

Thank you so much for this morning's meeting, it was brilliant!

I so appreciate the way you work through all my questions and explain everything so clearly plus the calm way in which you do it - makes it all seem possible to a novice that I am!

Apologies for throwing random questions at you, I'm constantly afraid I'm going to forget so have to ask as soon as a thought enters my head.

Curious Trails Blog

“I cannot shout about Ian Kerins tech expertise enough… as a coach who has NO CLUE on IT, Ian is without a doubt a genius when it comes to this area and has helped me so much…

His patience and help have been amazing and so valuable as having peace of mind that the back end of my office is all connected and systemised it has let me get on with what is important to me and that is coaching my clients….

If you are a coach or have your own business and need help with the tech side of your business reach out to Ian it will put your mind at ease!❤️🙏🐝 
Kirsty B

Business Owner

"Many thanks for my outstanding website and online systems. It was an absolute please working with Ian as he listened to our needs and explained it in simple terms for a non-techie.

My online solution has been a lifesaver and saves me hours every week, plus Ian's ongoing support is priceless.

I would highly recommend the Happy Geek to anyone who is looking for all in one online solution."

DHK Safety Ltd

Health and Safety

"It’s such a huge relief to finally find someone who has the crazy tech skills combined with a knowledge and understanding of my work as a coach and movement teacher!

I finally feel free to do what I love and can stop pulling my bloody hair out TRYING to do the tech!"

Pilates & Movement Teacher